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白小姐004期资料:Police Cars

004期白小姐杀肖 www.j1ppg.cn Volvo Cars began its long tradition of developing emergency service vehicles back in 1929 with the Swedish police force. Today, every Volvo police car comes with a unique chassis, tuned to satisfy heavy load and high performance driving requirements, whilst retaining the comfort and high levels of safety that Volvo is known for.

Volvo Cars Police

Designed around your needs

Volvo Cars develops, tests and manufactures turn-key police vehicles in-house according to customer specifications. Designed to carry all the equipment you require, all of our police cars maintain the same high safety and quality standards as our civilian models. We also work closely with national rebuilders in order to meet local customer needs in each market.

Our aim is to satisfy local and national police force needs, while securing the comfort and safety of personnel. Bespoke solutions for specific equipment, canine units or other specialised tasks can also be supported. Whatever your desired specifications, we are happy to provide alternatives.

On-demand Specifications

We work with customer specifications to reach the most suitable product for each customer and market. These are a some of the alternatives in our portfolio:

Available vehicles


Police Base

Police chassis
Reinforced brakes

Police Turn key

Police chassis
Bigger brakes
Blue light configuration
Radio installation
Police décor
Manoeuvre system

Contact Us

We offer multiple unique options to support your needs.


For further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs please contact [email protected]

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